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Alice creates jewellery that is both enchanting and sophisticated, lending itself to both casual wear and special occasions. She makes the original by hand, which gives her work an exquisite delicacy. She uses her skills to create pieces that are playful, but always very feminine. She uses a mixture of finishes on Sterling Silver and Gold plated Sterling Silver. Parts are satin finished as well as highly polished, to give a two tonal effect that highlights the delicate details and brings the pieces to life.

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About Alice Stewart

British jewellery designer Alice Stewart grew up in three very diverse places, Dubai, Hong Kong and England. Despite this her ideas mainly come from the beauty she finds in English countryside. Having grown up in the Cotswolds when living in England, she would spend time outdoors taking in the small things that many people don’t notice. Nature has always been one of her greatest inspirations; from the smallest insect to a flock of birds she finds fascination in all things natural.

Inspired by Nature




Delicate handmade jewellery inspired by all things natural. Each piece of Alice Stewart jewellery is lovingly created from precious metals with attention to detail in Alice's garden studio, in the picturesque town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. Her enchanting studio is a constant inspiration, surrounded by scenic fields and rolling hills which can be seen through the free flying birds, blooms in blossom and delicate twigs in her pieces.

Alice designs and creates each detailed piece herself out of silver or gold, incorporating diamonds and precious gemstones in some of her pieces. She hand carves the original out of wax or uses a natural found object and goes on to use a traditional lost-wax technique to cast the pieces into precious metals.

There is a story behind each individuals jewellery, and Alice loves knowing her jewellery becomes a part of someone’s treasured memories of a special moment. 

Alice is available for bespoke commissions, including engagement & wedding rings. If there is something you would like personally made Alice would love to hear from you.