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Alice creates jewellery that is both enchanting and sophisticated, lending itself to both casual wear and special occasions. She makes the original by hand, which gives her work an exquisite delicacy. She uses her skills to create pieces that are playful, but always very feminine. She uses a mixture of finishes on Sterling Silver and Gold plated Sterling Silver. Parts are satin finished as well as highly polished, to give a two tonal effect that highlights the delicate details and brings the pieces to life.

Repairs & Reconditioning

Repairs & Reconditioning

If you’ve owned your Alice Stewart Jewellery for some time and worn it a lot you may want to bring back some of its original shine and sparkle.

We offer a full repair and re-conditioning service for all Alice Stewart jewellery in our Birmingham workshop.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote

Please just package your jewellery up safely in its original box or any sturdy packaging.

Please use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send jewellery – it means it is insured and possible to track as well as fast and reliable. Please remember to enclose a return address, telephone number & email address and a note detailing the request.

Please note that all re-conditioning currently takes approximately 3 weeks.