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nature’s touch

Get lost in the moment with a rose
cut diamond nestled among birch leaves


Ethically Handcrafted

Made by hand for the down to earth, Alice Stewart Jewellery is consciously crafted to perfectly capture the timeless and enduring beauty of nature.

Skilled craftsmanship is poured into each piece of nature inspired jewellery, using only ethically-sourced materials better for our world, for those seeking out original jewellery to treasure and keep.



Meet Alice

‘Designing and creating original pieces for nature lovers is my way of honouring and capturing the subtle qualities of the natural world, on a miniature scale’…

I could feel her passion for her craft, and her determination to get things just right.


The Birthstone

July birch leaf teardrop necklace

The birthstone for July is ruby, this rich and rare gemstone symbolises unconditional love, friendship and loyalty. Considered one of the most rare precious gems, the striking deep ruby evokes self confidence.


Giving Back to Nature

For each piece of jewellery bought, Trees For Life will receive a charitable donation for planting trees to help restore one of the world’s most precious woodland habitats - the Caledonian Forest in the Scottish Highlands.

Over the centuries, this magnificent forest - currently a vital home to several rare and endangered species has dramatically decreased due to deforestation and the over grazing of livestock. This magical forest is an example of wilderness at its most wonderful, and needs our help to survive. 



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