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Meet the Designer

In a world which is forever turning, constantly moving and always changing, we find solace in the certainty of mother nature. Inspired by the enduring beauty of the natural world, Alice Stewart has created her exclusive signature range of nature-inspired jewellery.

Every piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted by Alice herself, in her leafy garden studio in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Composed of ethically sourced materials, Alice Stewart jewellery is at once striking and subtle, capturing the fine detail of nature through delicate, understated and uniquely graceful jewellery.

Endlessly inspired by the changing seasons and rhythms of mother nature, Alice Stewart finds her inspiration in the most intricate details found in the natural world. Her exclusive range of timeless jewellery is designed to be treasured forever.

Designing and creating original jewellery for nature lovers is my way of honouring and capturing the subtle qualities of the natural world, on a miniature scale.

From the Beginning

Alice Stewart grew up in the untouched raw beauty of the Cotswold countryside. Spending every spare moment exploring the great outdoors – and collecting nature’s treasures with a magpie-like fascination – it was here that Alice’s lifelong love affair with the magic of nature began.

In more recent years, surrounded by a world determined to be a slave to fast fashion, Alice found herself perpetually drawn to the desire to create something designed to last forever. Her inherent passion for nature and craftsmanship collided, and so in 2012, Alice Stewart Jewellery was born.

Alice dedicates care, artistry and attention to fine detail to each and every design, which she personally crafts by hand to give each piece unique character and charm. She provides a highly personal service, and welcomes clients to visit her in her studio in Stratford Upon Avon, where she hosts private consultations. Flanked by scenic fields and nestled between rolling hills, the landscape which stretches out from Alice’s garden studio provides endless inspiration as one season gives way to the next.


My Soul Belongs to Nature

Most at home immersed amongst the flowers, trees and the gentle hum of wildlife, Alice’s greatest inspiration can be found in the magic of nature.

Every piece has a story to tell; the twig found on a wintery walk which inspired the Birch Twig collection; the delicate moth persistently settling upon the window on a late summer evening providing the muse for the Moth at Dusk collection. Created for those who find solace in nature, your Alice Stewart piece will lend originality and meaning to your style.


A Kinder World

Core to Alice’s personal philosophy is the belief that we should tread more lightly upon the planet. Alice Stewart Jewellery is crafted in the UK with ethically sourced, high quality materials designed to stand the test of time. Your purchase will be delivered in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging which is as kind to the environment as it is beautiful.

For each piece of jewellery you buy, you will help to restore the beautiful Caledonian forest in the Scottish Highlands. Over the centuries, this magnificent forest – a vital home to several rare and endangered species – has dramatically decreased in size due to deforestation and the over-grazing of livestock.

In turn for every purchase, Alice makes a charitable donation on your behalf to Trees For Life, to help rebuild one of the worlds most precious woodland habitats. This magical forest is an example of wilderness at its most wonderful, and needs our help to survive.