One of a kind


Made by Hand

Having something made by hand just for you, is an experience that’s really very special. The person creating a one off piece through their creativity and passion is handcrafting something truly individual but the magic really happens in the stories these pieces will go on to tell, and the special moments they will come to represent. Maybe that’s having a necklace handcrafted to fit a sapphire that’s been passed down through the generations in your family, or a unique handmade engagement ring crafted from a delicate twig you found and kept from a special holiday with your partner. The memories that come with these bespoke miniature pieces of wearable artwork are what makes them so much more than simply beautiful pieces of jewellery; they’re completely original to you only, and totally irreplaceable.


A Nature Inspired Wedding Ring

This handcrafted nature inspired wedding ring was created to fit seamlessly with Christina’s unique handmade engagement ring. It was very important to her that the ring paid homage to her love of the natural world, so together we came up with a delicate entwining leaf design that would sit perfectly alongside her engagement ring. I hand carved the leaves with a gentle curve so they would softly nestle amongst the original three stone ring. She knew she wanted some subtle sparkle, so the final touches were to set small diamonds at the base of each leaf so they would gently catch the light as the sun hits them.

To be given such a bespoke beautiful ring blew me away. I loved giving Alice ideas for my wedding band and being a part of making them a reality. Thank you Alice, for making our rings so personal, stunning and precious.
— Christina Brown
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A Truly Personal Engagement

This original piece was handcrafted in secret as a very personal engagement necklace. The three flowers were hand carved to represent Saronya’s Sri Lankan heritage. The central blossom is the national flower of Sri Lanka - the blue water lily, and the others are the delicate temple flower which is so reminiscent of her home country. It’s safe to say Saronya was over the moon “I couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful and so very me!” If you’re interested in a one of a kind jewellery service, or would like to discuss ideas for a unique handmade nature inspired engagement ring, you can find out more below.

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Alice Stewart